Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Your Options For Wood Flooring Colours

 Like any natural product, wood flooring colours vary enormously from wood type to wood type and from species to species in addition to within every species. To place this into context, planks taken from the centre of an oak tree will naturally take on a different color than planks taken from the outside of the tree. What's more, the older the tree, the denser the grain of this wood and the darker the shade.

Wood is graded according to its quality and appearance and one of the factors when grading timber is the color and consistency of the grain. As a rule of thumb, higher grades of wood are more costly, but in precisely the exact same time provide more uniformity of color. Prime grade wood such as offers an extremely consistent wood flooring color, whereas pick grade, natural pattern and rustic grade each have color variants as part of the inherent characteristics. If you select a rustic (or state style) grade of wood, you should expect a varied range of wood colour, which, for the correct look isn't necessarily a negative characteristic, but may not suit everybody's taste.

The consequence of the natural differences in wood, means that it is rare to find two floors which look the same in their natural condition. Merely to confuse matters, there are now techniques to change wood colours so that you may pick from virtually every color you can imagine. Wood flooring colours range from pale blondes to black from the organic hues and out of reds, to greens, to blues and also to yellows if you are prepared to choose from artificially coloured options.

Natural wood flooring colours vary from light pine and beech tones to walnut and ipe that are nearly black in their normal condition. Paradoxically, modern interiors might call to the lightest of forests or the darkest, whereas a country style or rustic interior design would ordinarily involve a more gold, red colouration to finish the appearance. Irrespective of your choice, you can be sure there will be a hardwood flooring colour to meet your needs.

Colouring existing floors as well as choosing pre-coloured wood flooring is currently a really popular choice when it comes to interior design and styling. This is the area where hardwood floors way out performs most other flooring choices. With a wooden floor, you can start with one colour and change the color to a heart's content to coincide with your furnishings or to follow fashion.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Your dog or your wooden floors - we say why not both?

Hardwood flooring owners often find that their favourite puppy paws have left terrible scratches that ruin their floor surface. Even running to the door to greet you in the evening may leave a huge gouge in the surface of the hardwood floor if you don't have a proper protective layer.

Wooden floors are perhaps the most practical and beautiful material of all the time. But over time, the natural protection they have may wear off! To protect your hardwood floor you may choose to apply wax. A layer of protective wax will help provide a buffer between your dog’s claws and the actual wood of the floor. Wood floors with a protective layer of wax will likely need to be stripped with a new layer of wax applied once a year and this is why we think that the best ways for protection is to plan on lightly sanding and recoating floors with an additional layer of finish on each five to seven years.

When you care properly for your wood floors, they can last for generations and they can also be the desirable element when you decide to sell. Keep your floors smooth and if you have any need of help contact us for a free sanding quote!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

How to keep a smooth surface ?

How to keep a smooth surface ?

Let's talk about your wood flooring a little bit. We love our occupation and to take care of your floors condition , but we also want to share with you how to keep your floors long lasting and protected before any hard procedure. There different types of harm which depend on if you have a pet,how big is your family , how long you live in your home and many more like these so here are couple of options which are not good to do with wooden floor at home- Do not use abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean your floor, do not use steam mops on your hardwood floor, do not pour cleaning product directly on floor, if you have being hidden it under carpet for an years you are going to need sanding in any case and we also want you try not yo wear high heel shoes on wood floors and if you could do not allow pet stains remain untreated it will be great !

These options are going to help your floors in the time and they will need sanding let's say not on five but on seven years for example, because it won't be that harmed! As a company which care for your home comfort we wish you sparkling floor and important big steps on them !